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Marry where others go on holiday



“Choosing the right location.”

Finding the perfect place to marry can be a difficult task and since many venues are booked long in advance you shouldn’t waste any time in putting together your criteria.

It’s always worth considering how many guests you want to invite on your big day because that will obviously affect the choice of venue. It is therefore wise to create your guest list early as the larger the attendance, the more limited the venue options.

The range of choice here is quite something. From beach ceremonies to lush luxurious hotels – there is a location fit for everyone.

Once you’ve agreed on a budget and guest attendance, the next question is what sort of theme do you want? We can find the right location for any event, from outside “hippy” celebrations in the forest to lustrous villas with elegant gardens. We can even offer you the chance for the entire ceremony and celebration to take part on a boat or luxury yacht!

The choice is yours!

The date of the wedding must be clarified with the registry office and / or the church as well as the location before you can send the invitations.

Popular wedding venues are often booked early, so it’s best to organise date and location of the festivities in good time well before your wedding.

You also need to consider the logistics of your big day.  For example, is there a registry office and / or a church that you like close to your desired venue?

The location of the wedding ceremony and party shouldn’t be too far apart. You should also consider how far your guests have to travel in order to attend and also, whether or not suitable and sufficient accommodation is available in the locality.

A rather unromantic topic, but sadly a vital one, without which proper planning cannot go ahead. You should always set your budget at the very beginning and do your best to stick to it.

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