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Let Flowers speak

“Let the Flowers speak.”

The Bridal Bouquet

The most important accessory next to the wedding dress is the bridal bouquet. Its composition should match the wearers dress and reflect her personality.

Did you know?

Traditionally, the bridal bouquet is chosen not by the bride, but by the groom. There are several factors to consider. The bridal bouquet should not only match the dress and rest of the floral decoration, but also reflect the brides’ personality. Since the groom doesn’t usually see the dress before the wedding, it is common today for the bride to be part of the selection process or at least make very detailed specifications. Matching corsages for the bridesmaids and groom can also be arranged.

What do I have to consider?

When choosing a bridal bouquet, it is important to remember that not all flowers are available year-round. It also makes sense to source the flowers and decorations from the same source in order to ensure a coherent setting is achieved.

How do I find the Right bridal bouquet?

The appearance of the bridal bouquet is, of course, determined primarily by the choice of components. It doesn’t have to simply be just flowers. Pearls, feathers, leaves, rhinestones and other materials can also be included in a bridal bouquet. We’ve provided a few designs below in order to make the choice a little easier.

The classic

A spherical bridal bouquet is the traditional choice and suits any wedding dress. It is also a very flexible choice and can be modified to any specification. You can find a number of inspired examples in the gallery above.



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